Just getting started

My friend and I want to get into karting here in Colorado. I’m looking at getting into the LO206 class. We are window shopping for Karts for now. We have 2 karts in mind for now.
The Bintelli S1 is complete for $2000. but the wrong engine for the class, so we add $600 to that. Bintelli also offers the S! less tires and engine for $1500.
The VLR Emerald comes complete with the LO206 engine for $4000.
I need pro and cons on these karts and would like to have your input.

The Bintelli is not meant for racing… It is a cheap kart meant for rentals. I would recommend buying a used race chassis instead of the bintelli


The race series you’ll probably be most interested in is the Colorado Karting Tour, the regional IKF-sanctioned race series. You can find out more at coloradokartingtour.com. Member @Eric_Gunderson is a great resource, as he is deeply involved with the series.

As for chassis, it will be a benefit to have a chassis with local support. I’ve never seen either of those brands at the track, so if you need a spare part finding it locally may be an issue. I see lots of OTK and OTK brands, compkart / birel, CRG, and less so but some Energy and Margay. I’d really want to stick to one of those brands if you can.

It may be a good idea to follow both the CKT and the Colorado Karter on facebook. https://www.thecoloradokarter.com (also run by Eric) has a great classifieds section, and there are usually LO206’s for sale. It may also be a good idea to call some of the local tracks / shops, and see what is available. Most local tracks also handle sales and service. Both me and another new karter I know both got our karts from Greg Welch at Unser Centennial (Greg is the GM). I bought mine new and he bought his used, so there are always options. The last thing you wanna do is buy a kart and then find out you can’t run it in the series you wanna race in, so buying a kart from a previous racer or someone already in the series is a good way to ensure you can get a race-ready product with little drama.

Hope to see you out at the track soon! I just started in KA100 two races ago, so I’m pretty green myself. Having a blast so far though, and the 206 class looks REALLY fun due to the size of the field. I might try and get into it next year as well.


Skip, I am in my first season with the Colorado Karting Tour and am racing in LO206 Heavy. It is a blast! As Kenny said, Eric Gunderson is the man to talk to. Honestly, Kenny covered just about everything.

One thing I would add is that we race next weekend (the 26th) at Action Karting (at Bandimere). Come down, introduce yourself. I will have the #771 CRG and will be pitted pretty close to the shop area. I can show you around a bit and answer any questions you may have (Eric will be there, but will be busy as he is a race official).

Anyway, come watch a race and look for me. I am in my first season so I am still learning but I also can try to answer any questions you have and run you through some of the challenges I have had. We have a great LO206 group here in Colorado, come join us!

Be sure to check the classifieds section on thecoloradokarter as well. If you need help over there let me know!


Thank you all for the advice. That is is direction that I needed. I won’t be able to make it the next event to check it out, but I’m hoping to make it to Unsers on the 8th.
Thank you all again

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