K1 Circuit - Sounds like they are getting close

K1 Circuit Update

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Want. Very nice track. My buddy Alex won his division and I think is theoretically quailed for the championship out there. I hope he brings back vid. (Yes that’s me throwing a barb at their cam policy).

I personally could care less about video. I really do not get the obsession everyone has with starring in a movie of their own life. I just want SoCal to have a proper high level track we can race at.

I think for most of us it’s an analysis tool :wink:


The best feedback tool has always been, and will always be…wheel to wheel racing. This is true for both our own driving, and our kart set up.

Everyone has their preferences on what works best for them. My observation is that there’s really no one thing that works best for everybody.

That said, when allowed, video gives valuable insights for wheel to wheel too. Feedback and recall from drivers can be iffy at times. Video is great for filling in those gaps, especially for drivers that don’t have someone trackside observing their races.


I get your take, keep it simple. That being said the gripe is with k1. I am fine with them pursuing additional revenue via rental cams. I just won’t be going there, since their policy does not allow racers to bring their own. It’s a source of annoyance to me that I can’t participate in k1 leagues as someone who films my races.

Would they even know you’re filming w/ something like the Cambox inside the helmet?

given that they are doing it for revenue, Id imagine they would not be pleased. :wink:

Maybe you can pay their cam fee, but record using your camera? I mean if it’s a revenue-generating thing…

Not sure I understand the above…

I like the business model. And it creates a 2-tiered approach when you consider the other alternatives

That’s a good idea! I might confuse some poor kid though who isn’t empowered to make any such decision.


Hmmm. My buddy Alex who races there as well as the fella who has a kid doing their series said the same thing. You can’t use yours, gotta rent theirs.

Perhaps that was incorrect or perhaps they changed policy. I thought not since k1 has been filming the races trackside and putting them up.


Despite my camera gripe this facility is amazing and they run a great series.

LOL at this pricing. People are required to pay 20 dollars to do what exactly, apart from watching ?

That I think is the typical pit pass and usually covers insurance. Not sure if they’ll have spectator/pit separation, most likely not, so they need to have people covered.

Prices are not that crazy overall compared to others around (luckily, there are alternatives closeby if that’s a concern) but I’d gladly pay 40 or 50 dollars more to not have to dodge potholes at 90mph or lose half of my chassis life in a day of testing.

Professional-grade racetracks come at a cost, we can’t ask for top notch facilities and then complain they cost more than a super old track. Math has to add up and in my opinion this model works much better


Oh, probably it’s rent/series vs your own kart. I think I got that policy under the “kart owners” section

So, yes…but also, their insurance could be as much as 14% on participants including visitors.

Tanguy, for comparison, $20 is the standard “pit guest” price for going to a motocross track open track day. Motorsports are expensive. You want an affordable sport…go running. It is the way it has always been. Personally, nothing about any of the pricing seems out of line for the qualify of the track (assuming they put down pavement that can hold up over time). Compared to going skiing for reference…it seems downright cheap.

I don’t think Tanguy was making a cost based assessment, rather he was making a value one. Let’s be totally honest, Motox is generally a much better spectacle to watch compared to karting… Unless you’re already into karting.

Value is also very, very subjective…luckily in the area we will have a very good mix with K1 expensive but great features, a second track which is mid-priced somewhat improved old track in Riverside, and a budget friendly option (but still very valid) in Perris, all within 30 mins drive from each other. If you live nearby, you’ll be spoiled compared to rest of US.

Still a far cry from the density and quality you see in Europe, but can’t really complain.

My own prediction is that people will flock to K1, regardless of the big price difference. If you take a step back, a dinner / club / bar night out combo these days is going to be at least 2X or 3X that daily entry fee