K1 Electric Indoor Kart racing

My grandson 12 years old is in K1 Electric Karting Teen League In Canton Ohio… They have adult leagues too. They are having live streaming of the Adult Leagues… Here is there youtube channel… Fun to watch !!! Grandson is looking into L206 Racing in 2025… At Thompson Raceway in eastern Ohio https://www.youtube.com/@competitionkarting

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Sounds like fun! That league has a national championship at the track that’s being built out in CA I think.

The Top 3 from each Challenge GP class in 2024 will then progress to the 2025 State Championship , where they will compete against the Top 3s from other centers within their State at a location TBD (if the state only has one location, the championship will be held at that one location). The winner will be crowned the State Champion while the runner-up and third-place finisher will join the State Champion in the National Championships .

Here is there live stream from adult league last night in Canton Ohio… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RROmkCwNa0U&t=86sv

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So now I’m gonna have to go do this league. I can pretend I’m in kartchaser and Xander is cheering me past Norberg in the final turn.

Thats actually very cool. As a participant of the league, I’d be watching this for sure.