K1 Electric Racing League Canton Ohio ( Practice Teen League )

Here is a Practice Session for my 12 year old grandsons Teen League That he is in . That runs at K1 Electric Kart Racing in Canton Ohio. Some guys were there from Pennsylvania that Race L206 Class At Pitt Raceway in Pennsylvania… He had fun with them … Great guys !!! He hopes to do L206 Class at Thompson or Pitt in 2025… Viewpoint - Your Experience On Video

You could use this thread as a sort of blog for his races and stories? If you want, would be fun to follow his progress.


Good instincts. I like how he’s attacking the course and his line is intuitive (but frequently wide).

He, like so many of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, is overdoing the entry into the corners, often. This makes him wide on exit and then he has to get himself sorted again.

Tell him to try to drive where he’s squirting out of the corners as opposed to diving into them. Be precise on entry in terms of controlling your speed so that you don’t go screaming past the apex.

This may be a little ahead of where he’s at but worth thinking about…

When he gets used to the track, have him think about where the fast bit are, where he gets the longest bursts of speed.

Now have him think about the corner leading onto that fast bit. That corner is very, very important. If you do a poor job of entering the fast parts of the track, you lose time that should have been a freebie.

He needs to consider the turn onto the straight in context of the other corners (if any) that are part of the closing complex. If it’s multiple turns, he will undoubtedly need to control speed in the opening bits in order to squirt out the final turn.

In short, get him thinking about the track. He’s probably at the just dealing with it turn by turn stage still. :sunglasses:

(Oh, btw, if the constructive criticism is not welcome, lmk).

Cam thoughts:

The footage from the rental cam isn’t too bad. It’s got that annoying banding flutter that’s totally unacceptable in 2024. Even smartycam fixed that issue.

However, it is what it is. It’s clear and useful to see what he’s doing so I am just being a persnickety content guy.

I hope there’s a way for you to get the footage on your pc so he can create an archive of his journey and eventually (if he’s like me, post stuff on social media).

Edit: you can…

My 12 year old Grandson K1 Speed practice for Teen league… Hope for L206 in 2025…