Ka carby problems

My ka100 is revving up to 18000 rpm which is too high but doing that at half throttle and shuts off past that. Would anyone have a clue what the issue could be? I just recently rebuilt the carby and cleaned out the reeds I don’t know if it is the inlet jet or something to do with the lever. Any input would be a big help.

It’s revving on the stand?

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Yes on the stand it’s doing this

Check that the gasket on the reed cage is installed correctly, you may have it backwards and blocking a circuit

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Checked the gaskets they were the right orientation and the four bolts for the reeds are torqued down as well

If this only started happening after a rebuild it very likely the carb.

Do you have both needles out 1 turn? If I understand you correctly it is revving uncontrollably to 18k (This is a bad idea). If it is very lean this can happen. Also, are the H and L needs in the correct way? While they look the same they are not.

I stripped the inlet valve threads rushing to put everything together for the next day, figured that out when I took it out and saw some threads missing. Both are at one turn or one min and 55 sec I think from when it was blue printed. Never touched high or low needles kept them where they were.