KA100 air box filled with fuel

My kart just died on me and I pulled my air box and it was filled with you fuel. Does anyone know why this happened? This also happened to a teammate as well.

  1. Carbs were reassembled incorrectly.
  2. Needle valves set incorrectly.
  3. Have seen a rag left in the filter/air box cause this problem.

This is usually a contaminated needle seat in the carb. Cleaning at the track will be difficult, so i advise replacing it instead

Can you elaborate on “filled” it is not unusual to have some oil and fuel residue in there over time. However, if this happened to two of you at a similar time I would question whether something was done to the carb and/or reeds. If the carb was rebuilt it was likely done incorrectly and will need to be done correctly. I would also check the reeds are in place and in good condition. Also, if you cover the air holes this draws fuel so if that was done in excess might be an issue too.

I mean filled like the entire box was over flowing lol. The carbys were dirty and I put the Reed cage on backwards by accident and other kart someone got a chunk of dirt in the fuel line