KA100 battery

Looking to see if anyone knows where or what battery set up guys are using for there KA100’s? Looking for something like is in the pics. Any help would be great.

Obviously the one in those pics is being sold by Stu Hayner @ MDG karting. I’m sure it would work just fine, can be mounted just about anywhere with a little creativity.

We have a couple of local guys using batteries from cordless drills where they have the mounting location mounte on the steering wheel support behind the gas tank. Easy on-off to put them on the charger and then clip them back on the kart when it’s time to go.

I’m using a small Shorai powersports lithium battery that’s < 1b. Currently mounted in the OEM battery box. I wanted to mount up near the pedal box on a custom mount but never got around to that project this year. Zero error racing takes all the guess work out of it if you want to buy the battery and battery box through them to be mounted on the pedal assembly.

Of course all of this assumes you are trying to save weight and looking for the lightest possible battery. If that’s not an issue the cheapest and most effective solution is to just use one of the AGM batteries designed for the kit. Much more cranking power, the mounting solution has already been developed for you and probably less headaches in the end. I have to watch every single pound for myself so the 4lbs of savings via a lithium option was well worth it for me.

Yea Stu is the guy. He responded to my FB post. Yes every lbs is vital at this point. I’m gonna snag on of this hits and give it a go.