KA100 Blueprinting and Rebuilds

So I kinda get the general idea of blueprinting but what exactly does a engine builder do to extract extra power?

What parts are being replaced, how are they tuning the engine, etc?

When the engine is rebuilt, are there any parts that need to be blueprinted again?

Does anyone have any sort of dyno charts that actually show an increase in power after blueprinting?

As a side note, what is a fair price for various typical rebuilds?

Top end rebuild $?
Full engine rebuild $$?
Top end with blueprinting $$?
Full engine with blueprinting$$$?

Who are the go to folks for engine rebuilds and blueprinting near Mooresville, NC? (GoPro Motorplex)

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I doubt any engine builder will identify exact specifics as to what is done, but I belive it was mentioned in another thread concerning the KA motor, there are many small changes that can add up to a noticeable amount of increase. Some known changes involve timing, compression, crankshaft balance, cylinder finish and carburator tuning. It has also been said that box stock these motors are good.

Blueprinting is probably not an accurate statement as it is more about going over the motor so that it is producing the amount of power engine builders feel it should produce.

As Bob noted, it has been discussed here before, but the KA comes built very well from the factory, and the tolerances are all very close already. Blueprinting traditionally is done to an engine to machine or hone or balance the internals of the engine to the factory specs and eliminate the variances from the manufacturing process. This was a bigger deal back in the day when tolerances in manufacturing were bigger.

A stock KA should be pretty decent out of the box. There are some little things here and there and some timing adjustments builders will do, but there aren’t a ton of things to be done to the engine in the blueprinting process.


TJ- I have to say when you chime in, my ears perk up so to speak. I’ve never heard anyone explain things the way you do. Your responses definately fill in the gaps for me. You seem extremely knowledge. Appreciate it from the new guy perspective.


Just happy to talk karting. I certainly don’t know everything, but I know some things. Glad it’s helpful!

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