KA100 Bogging Down

I just got a new KA 100 yesterday and I broke it in that day. The next day I ran the engine doing an 18 lap session then a 10 lap one. But when I was going out for the final 6 lap session of the day the engine started to really bog down every lap no matter what I did on the first turn which is a hard braking zone and a left hairpin. Do you guys know what’s the reason?

When you say bog down, I assume you mean on corner exit it has a lack of power from what is expected. If so, I find that when I get that sensation it is usually lean. I typically run the H needle 1 turn plus 10-15min and the L needle about 1 turn. If that checks out I have also noticed at times if there is too much air in the fuel line it can be a little off on performance. These motors don’t do much below 7K.


Okay. Thanks for the help!

Robert’s suggestions are spot on. Typically the KA will “lean bog” on the bottom end if the low needle isn’t rich enough. What are your carb settings?

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