Ka100 clutch drum wont spin freely

My ka100 wont spin freely when I tighten it down anymore. I took it off to clean the dust off and lube the roller bearing and now my clutch drum wont spin freely anymore. My 10 tooth sprocket is pretty worn out, no clue if the heat could make it expand or wear it out enough to cause it to not spin freely anymore. Looking for any suggestions on what I should check over or maybe replace to fix this issue.

Did the drum spin before you removed it? If it did I would guess the order of assembly might be wrong. With everything removed the reassembly order would be

roller bearing

If your driver is worn I would replace that as it is wearing your chain quicker too.

Yes the clutch drum did spin before I removed it, I put everything back in that order. Yeah the driver teeth are pretty pointy and worn down definitely replacing it this weakened.

One side of the washer has a taper to it, if you’ve installed it backwards it could cause this issue. The taper should face in toward the engine. Double check.

Does the drum and bearing spin freely on the crank before tightening?

I swapped both sides of the washer taper and non taper to see if either would work and still won’t spin freely

Yes it spin freely before I tighten the bolt down

The drum should have endplay on the crank. Either the drum is sticking too far out because maybe the wrong o-ring is too big or the washer/nut has been overtightened and can somehow contact the drum/driver.

It may be possible if you are using non Iame parts that have incorrect dimensions, but I have no direct experience with this.

All oem iame parts if I overtighten it what would I do, think that just might be the case, but even hand tight it does the same thing could it be I need a new washer. Tried it with and without the o ring as well. Just doesn’t seem to stick out far enough for some reason.tried a different drum as well.

This is very confusing as to why you are having this issue. Without the drum tightened does it feel like it is tight or rubbing on something?
A few more ideas…
Did you remove the clutch too? Make sure it is fully seated/tightened.
Does the outer washer appear damaged? Mine is 2.57mm thick for reference.
Inspect the clutch drum for damage, wear or something that is making it thicker than it should be.
What is the condition of the needle bearing?

The taper bearing that holds the clutch drum on was worn down I finally figured it out.

Just to clarify, what was the issue…the taper washer (inner washer), the roller bearing or the outer washer?

The outer washer was the issue put a new one and it now it spins freely tighten down

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