KA100 Consumables Checklist

I’ve been looking for some advice on bulk ordering consumables. I don’t have any experience running karts for any extended period of time, and I have to bulk order consumables because I do not have any kart shops in my state at all. So I was really needing some advice on my current consumables in my kart and a little help on how often stuff gets used so I know how many of each thing to buy i.e. chains, brake fluid, spark plugs, sprockets.

This is for a KA100 mounted on an OTK Kart (I can always do another bulk order this is just to get me started for a few months)

Here is my current shopping cart so far:

1x 106L #219 DID HTZ Chain
1x Maxima Chain wax
2x Carburetor Diaphragm and Gasket Kit (Not including inlets/needles)
12x 8mm Locking Wheel Nuts (some of the current nuts are stripped)
3x Motul Grand Prix 2T Oil 1 Liter
1x Motul DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid
1x Throttle Cable
12ft 1/4" ID Fuel Line
2x Inline Fuel Filter

Anything I need to add, subtract, or edit? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Ordering tonight.

How many race days and practice days are you trying to plan for?

at least maybe 10 or so practice only days. race days won’t start til next year for this new track.

I’m genuinely not sure how much track time i will get, it’s kind of a special arrangement, the owner will invite me out a few days a month before their opening time when they drive their karts. so it might be once a month, might be 4 times a month

Thats a good list. My advice;

Two chains on hand as usually its not wear that takes out a chain its some incident that derails the chain and causes the chain to come off and this can damage the chain beyond use. Some of this could be avoided with sprocket guards too.

sprockets - if you know the sprockets you will need for your tracks always have extras on hand, see above for why.


Spark plugs? I have found you can get these for much less money from Rockauto.

If you are going to use the locking nuts you should probably have replacement studs too. I prefer non-locking nuts to avoid this.

Clutch, coil and stator. While these things seldom fail, if they do and if no one has one you’re done.

A back up battery is handy too - but they can be had from Amazon cheap.

Hope that helps.

no sprockets because i don’t know what size is optimal yet. no spark plugs on the list because i already have 6 of them from autozone. and those big parts i’m really just going to risk for now, if it fails during practice i’ll just pack up go home and order a new one. for races i’ll probably have spares for all

brake pads 2 sets

steering tie rods its the first thing that will get bad even in a small hit at the barriers .

grease spray for bearings maintenance

Its not really a consumable, but if you have an OTK Chassis I highly recommend investing in their brake bleeeder tower. It makes things 10 times easier. As for the waste fluid, you can snip a short length of your fuel hose and drill out an old water bottle cap. It will slip onto the bleed nipple and catch whatever comes out.

How does one dispose of it? (Used brake fluid seems nasty).

I have a container of oilly products from oil changes, brake fluid, even a little gas that I collect for recycling.

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Every automotive shop in the U.S. is required by federal law to take waste fluids at no charge to non-servicing individuals. Its paid for by part of the disposal fees the shop pays and charges customers when servicing their vehicle. Some Auto Parts stores will also take waste fluids as a convenience to their customers that they sell fluids to.

The exception is gasoline. Shops must have a separate gasoline waste container to be able to take it.

Most brake fluid is glycol based, like antifreeze and can be disposed of with the waste antifreeze. The exception is DOT 5 which is silicon based and will typically be disposed of with petroleum based fluids like oil and transmission fluid.

Although less frequently at the Dealership I work at now, when I worked for Firestone we had people drop off waste fluids pretty regularly.

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Thanks! I always wondered where the waste stuff went.

We have huge waste containers at work and they get emptied on a weekly basis. If I am not mistaken the waste oil is filtered and recycled into heating oil. Those folks are making money off collecting it and reselling it.

i just bought one of these as well, i am a big fan of very firm brakes. so this seemed a must for me

If you’re over 30 years old, I recommend Advil as part of the consumables list. This does not constitute medical advice.


Good point! I would also add some Hydration Powder to the list. You will sweat a lot when you are wearing all that gear and need to stay hydrated to avoid those end of day muscle cramps.
My brother who road bikes with his wife turned me on to this:

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