KA100 Engine Mount Degree Help

I was searching for a new engine mount and was looking at the “Odenthal EZ Mount” so that I can easily adjust my chain. My only issue is I have no idea which type of degree mount I should run. If someone could tell me the pros and cons of running a 0-degree flat mount compared to a 5-degree mount it would be very appreciated so I can buy the mount and finally be able to race.

Currently using a BirelArt 2022

I think on a 2 stroke, its more of a preference thing. On my last motor it was running a 10 degree mount and I was banging my elbow on the head a lot. I switched to a 0 degree and it wasn’t hitting as much. I have long arms too, so that doesn’t help.

I think the advantage to a angled mount is raising the exhaust header so you can fit seat struts and have more clearance on the back of the engine.

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I run KA on an older Birel, and have used both mounts.
An issue that you may have while using a flat mount is having to cut the drive sprocket guard so the chain will clear it, when using larger size sprockets, ie -83 and above.
The 5 degree mounts have a tendency to push the intake cover into the frame if not adjusted properly
Either can give you issues with hitting the seat if you are using a bigger size, but choosing the right one in that situation may help clear it.

The good thing with that sort of mount is that you can just buy the upper piece and swap it out for a different degree without having to buy the whole mount again.

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We use the 5 degree Odenthal EZ Set on our Birels. We have a 2018 and 2021. The 5 degree helps clear the top of the clutch cover when using larger gears.

What size hex key to adjust the Odenthal mount forward or backwards? I can’t find it anywhere which seems so odd.

8mm (20 character limit)