Ka100 hopping on elevation changes?

Hello so i run a ka100 italcourse chassis at prairie city and when i go over some of the turns with elevarion changes the kart feels like it digs into the ground over and over and it gets really violent. I don’t know if its from having so much grip because going into the banked turn 1 it only does it if i enter really fast. The kart turns really well but on exit it keeps doing this. What would you guys recommend fixing. Again the problem happens every lap on the same turns and especially if i hit the breaks and rotate the kart a little hard.

Forgot to add that i am max width in the rear and on evinco blues

You could try taking a little width out of the front end or dialing back the caster a bit to help keep it from over-jacking weight.

Also could try bumping up rear air pressure 0.5-1psi and see if that helps.

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Thanks im at the track and will try it right now


Thats some support there. TJ, can you be ready on days when I am at the track too? :slight_smile:

You get me when you get me… unless you pay the fee. :wink: