KA100 Piston Pins

Hello all,

I am currently rebuilding my KA100 and found that there are 2 piston pin options. Pin “red” and pin “blue”. Can someone maybe chime in and explain the differences? I could not find any information on it and the IAME manuals didn’t help much. I assume one is a standard diameter and the other is slightly bigger? I don’t want to have to buy both if I don’t need to.

I haven’t heard of 2 Piston pin sizes, I checked the latest parts list I can find, and cant find it on there either.
Can you link what you are looking at?

You are correct with assumption on it being different sizes. When you get a piston there should be a coloured dot underneath that identifies what size the pin bore has measured up to. Std size is most common. Red is a slightly larger pin diameter.

Both Kartsport and Acceleration Karting have the 2 sizes/colors if you want to take a look.

Thank you Mark! Makes sense. Just to clarify, the dot on the underside is a different marking from the dot on the top side right? The top is a green and red mark while the bottom is blue or red?