KA100 Reed Cage Cleaning

The Reed cage has oil and gas baked onto it, do I need to clean it off or what’s the best way to maintain to keep it clean. Or is it pointless and should just leave it. Would like to know never knew if it was worth to get it to the bare metal again.

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Moved to the 2 Stroke category since it’s two stroke specific, while also being maintenance… Sometimes it’s hard to know where to put things.

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Is it worth to get that baked on oil and gas off the reds cage?

Define “baked on?”

Yes, it is worth cleaning your reed cage consistently but the materials are also designed to have oil and fuel on them.

If you let it sit for extended periods of time however the reeds become turbulent

Baked on meaning brake cleaner wouldn’t get it off, and it’s hardening on there, a thin layer of it. I don’t mean the physical reeds themselves I mean the cage that hold them on.

Got it.

Yeah the cage structure is cleaned regularly by engine builders, I think either in hot tanks or steam cabinets. To your point carb cleaner won’t get it off.

May be just a good idea to replace at this point, short of something that heavy duty if it’s caked on there and hardened that’s pretty difficult to get off.

You could also try Chem Dip or mineral spirits soaking.

Ok thanks for the advice