Ka100 vs vlr

This is a question I’ve been pondering for a while: how big is the performance gap between a KA100 and a VLR?

A bit of background, I race a VLR on a Righetti Ridolfi Viper Speed E2 shifter chassis (funky combo I know), and I always see the guys with the KA’s are faster than me and the other VLR guys. It’s hard to tell if there is an actual performance gap, as the KA drivers are very good and us VLR guys are naturally a bit slower than them. I don’t consider myself a bad driver, just not on the other guys’ level. My kart has been taken out by some good guys and beaten out those KA guys’ times, so I feel we need to step up our game :smiley:

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Discussed pretty thoroughly here:

Yeah, I’m going to close this thread only because we’ve covered this pretty extensively on another thread that TJ has linked.

Feel free to jump into that one. :slight_smile: