KA100 vs X30 operating costs


Can anyone tell me what the rough operating costs would be between the KA100 and X30 class over a season?


I’m a club-once-a-month masters racer, so factor that in but I races X30s and now KA. I didn’t see that much of a $ difference. The X30 uses a bit more fuel and goes through chains and sprockets more. You need coolant every time the motor is taken off. The motor rebuild is a tad more. I would guess the X30 to be around $100 more than the KA per race.

The big difference is in the simplicity of the KA motor making karting so much easier without a radiator and it’s not as physically hard to drive.

If you are running National events, that is a different, someone else can answer.

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Thank you for the info. I’m only planning on doing club and maybe regional races. What about tire usage? Any big difference?

The X30 will be on a softer tire most places (MG Yellow vs Red for KA), so you’ll be going through more tires. Also with the higher weight and power, you’ll eat brake pads more too. And in the event of a crash, the radiator presents another expensive item that could take a beating.

At club level, engine rebuilds probably aren’t going to be too different, but the rest of that stuff probably still applies. I don’t have concrete numbers, but I’ve run X30 and KA for years and the KA is definitely cheaper on pretty much every aspect, but that delta is smaller if you’re not competing at the top level where you’ll be rebuilding a lot more, burning more tires etc.

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Thank you TJ for the great information

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I would have to fully agree with TJ. The cost difference will likely be everything but the motor. At my track the KA is a bit more “gentleman” racing (about 75% older guys) while the TAG125 is a little more intense and about half younger racers mixed with about half adults. This can factor into your overall costs too.

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Is there really that big of a difference in (club racing) using an X-30 and reds vs. yellows? If cost is a factor, seems like reds are the way to go. But (performance wise) is it really that big of difference running yellows IYHO?

Not trying to be argumentative, just an honest question as TJ hasn’t lead me wrong yet!

You could run Reds in X30, though the Yellow is definitely better suited for the class, and is the standard across the country.

They run Reds in Rotax/X30 in other countries. The Yellow is designed for that amount of power though.

Not sure what the lap time difference would be but I would imagine around 0.7-1 sec depending on track.

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When I raced x30 with Nick he was in Lecont redd and I was on the whites. A similar comparison.

Financially zero difference. We bought Nick a new set for every race just like mine. His and mine were also good for a similar amount of practice laps after, his more so. But it didn’t matter because you’d need new ones each race regardless.

0.7-1 sec if pretty substantial, so good to know because I was just curious. I got a set of Reds (old habits die hard I guess) and a wider set of wheels/tires when I mount the X-30 this spring, at least for break in. Beyond that I wasn’t sure what to switch too.

And No I didn’t buy them new, I dumpster drove at a National Race when the sponsored/ fat cats ditched a new tires after a single session. Thats usually how I get practice tires with plenty of life still in them! Dave Ramsey and I have a love hate relationship, lol. :money_mouth_face:


I can attest to brake pad wear for sure. I have used more brake pad in 3 practice days than I used in 2 years of 206.

Rebuilds are rebuilds.

I replace tires so often I don’t see a difference there.

Fuel consumption is higher. But not a crazy amount.