Ka100jr sprocket Atanta Motorsporta Park

hi everyone. my son and i plan on traveling to amp in a couple weeks for thwir club race. does anyone know what the avg sprocket size to run there? i saw somewhere that sr runs a 10/69. also do they run reds?

ty in advance.

10/68 or 10/69 is what we run there for senior KA 90% of the time.

VEGA Greens are the required tires.

hey ty for the info. weve never raced on vegas.

vega green xhe or xh3s?

theres no other practice days except friday b4 the eace?


“Official” practice is the Friday before the event.
The track is also open to kart owners on Thursday.
However, I’m not sure what the process/fee is for non members to get on track on a Thursday.