Kart ‘ABS’


Am so confused

Thank you, at least Im not the only one, I’ve been staring at it for the past 5 minutes wondering what I’m looking at.

Reminds me of the text you’d drop into a layout to see how the copy flows, Loren Ipsum…


I am guessing the designer was having fun.

Imma let CRG finish but I’m pretty sure we got mechanical ABS in the 70’s. Maybe it’s the implementation that’s different.

I’m not sure they have started anything. This is almost “trolling”. Maybe it’s a joke?

It’s an odd layout for presenting real information, but let’s focus on the information.

If an ABS system is legal, I find it odd that no one has done it before. Interested to see what this is like. And is it adjustable or necessary?

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Very odd indeed.

I had a quick look at the regulations.

If that’s all there is for brakes (there’s homologation details elsewhere, but this is pretty much all there is from a technical standpoint), there’s plenty of room.

On my FB page someone mentioned a pressure release valve system that Freeline had in the early 2000s. I’d never heard of it. The issue I would presume is accurate calibration. I’d be surprised if that kind of system didn’t need constant adjustment through a day’s karting.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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I like where this is headed. It’s like F1 in 1993

Excuse me while I develop computer controlled hydraulically managed seat struts and torsion bars.

Joking aside, For sure mechanical ABS has been a thing on karts in past. Never gained adoption (or should we say traction lol) but 100% it’s been implemented at least once.

Here’s a hydraulic system. Looks like it’s almost like a pressure compressor, keeping preasure spikes in check.

I did not realize that hydraulic pressure peaks before lockup. Actually I’m not convinced quite yet. Might read more on that if I get time.

It may need some adjustment to be perfect, but if there is a strong spike before lockup than you can adjust it to release a little ways up the spike, which would ideally allow it some play throughout the day as the grip changes

My opinion is that ABS will chip away from the pure bare racing that karting is. It’s all up to the driver to tame the beast.

Learning to really stand on the brakes in Karting is tough. This would make it a lot easier (but would sorta teach false confidence). You have to learn how to reduce/release pressure the hard way.

My concern with ABS is that folks miss the part about managing the kart balance. Big braking goes hand in hand with brake release and where the kart is balance wise through the process.

ABS will mute that. The rapid on/off/on/off braking sends wave after small wave of energy to front.

One wave is better.

I laughed a little too hard at this one. Solid Pun!!