Kart Autocrosser Driver Checkin

Between SCCA memes on facebook and some new members here I thought it would be good to connect our Autocrossers…

Chime in below…
So far I know of…


Also, don’t forget to add an #autox tag to your posts if you think they warrant it


Good day, sir!

Don’t forget to join the “KM” page on facebook.

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Talk more about this…

Search for the page “KM”, ask to join. Start stalking about SOLO Kart Modified. Win.

Ah, see I had no idea what KM meant to begin with. Hence my confusion.

Could you link to the KM Facebook page? I’m finding many of the other Solo Modified groups but not KM. Most definitely user error.

I found it here… the name is a bit vague :smiley:


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