Kart Chassis List and Links to Setup Guides

I’m glad you liked the guide, but I’m almost considering taking it down, as both Jamie at Franklin and I noted quite a few things are out of date in it and not accurate anymore.

I would say the concepts of how a kart “works” can apply to 99% of kart brands. How you tune the kart to get it there might vary pretty heavily brand to brand though (soft axle to free rear end on Kart A vs. hard axle to free rear end on Kart B aka OTK for example). But generally, you’re shooting for the same endzone no matter what kart you’re on, and things like caster and track widths are pretty universal in how they affect the kart, though maybe to varying degrees depending on the design of the chassis.


Maybe he meant the guide is obsolete :man_shrugging:

Hi, Has anyone tried this app?

After producing your original setup guide as well as the video on setup and reflecting on it for awhile I’m sure you could make a pretty through document. I keep the old J3 Kosmic setup guide in my binder as a quick reference, not sure if all the advice given is still valid at this point.

do you know a base setup for ipk praga kart 2020 model junior 125

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