Kart Chassis List and Links to Setup Guides

Hey guys,
So one common thing that every karter asks for is the setup guide for their chassis, so let’s create a thread where we put the links to what we find here! Post any link to a setup guide that you find on the internet, and I’ll update the root post with the list.

If I can’t find the official chassis setup guide, then I’m going to post the next closest thing. If you know where a better one is, post it below. I’ll going to update this list as we find things, so just post what you know.

Chassis Guides List

Arrow AX9 Seat Position and Base Chassis Settings from DPE Karting (90.4 KB)
Alpha Kart
Arrow - Setup Guide | Arrow Owners manual (2.3 MB)
Birel/Ricciardo - Setup Guides
BMI - Setup Website
BRM Kart
Corsa Racing Kart - Setup Website
CRG- Setup Guide | CRG Owners Manual (1.1 MB) | CRGSetup Guide from SSC (332.8 KB)
EasyKart -Setup Guide
EKS (Eagle Kart Systems)
Energy Corse
FA (Alonso)
Falcon Racing Chassis
Formula K
Gillard Kart
Gold Kart
Haase - Setup Website
iKart Indianapolis
Intrepid Sirius, Cruiser, Maki and Chicco Intrepid Setup Guide (2009) (2.8 MB)
IPK- Setup Guide
Italkart - Setup Guide
Kart Mini
Kosmic - Via Remo Racing: Setup Guide | J3 Knowledge packet (1.1 MB)
Lewis Hamilton Kart
Lotus Kart
Mac Minarelli
Maranello Kart - Setup Guide
Margay (Ignite K3) - Setup Guide
Merlin - Setup Guide
MS Racing Technology
Omega Racing Karts
Phantom Racing Chassis
Platinum Karts
PTK (pre-2006)
Robert Kubica Kart
Sodi Kart Sodi SR5 (2.0 MB) | Sodi Nordic (2.4 MB) | Sodi Evo5 (2.4 MB)
SQ kart
Swiss Hutless
TonyKart - Setup Website with Guides via TonyKart Australia
Top Kart - Setup Guide
Ultramax - Setup Website
VLR Emerald from RLV VLR_setup.pdf (125.7 KB)
Wright Karts
Zanardi - Seat Setup Guide



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I’m almost certain I have an older intrepid one somewhere in a Dropbox or equivalent. Will have a dig around for it.

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Found manuals I had stored and added them to the list.

Couple of Sodi
Additional CRG
J3 Kosmic Knowledge packet
Arrow owners manual

Study of Merlin Racing Kart and Tuning Characteristics.pdf (617.9 KB)

Here’s the one I wrote for Merlin several years ago. Might be slightly outdated now and I know there was a few things I wanted to change in the axle section, but for the most part there’s some good basic info in there.


Thanks TJ. I had no idea you did this. Nice job.


Do not confuse lift with grip. Drivers often refer to karts as having “too much grip” or “not enough grip”.
In reality, a kart with “too much grip” actually has a case of “not enough lift”. The feeling of ”too much grip” occurs when the inside rear wheel is not lifting off the track >for whatever reason. It is important to differentiate the two

This, so much this!


I know anything from OTK, Kosmic, Exprit, FA (Alonso), and RedSpeed are all the same as far as I’m aware, and old Trulli karts when they were a thing. Praga, OK1, and Formula K should all be the same as well, except apparently steering geometry is different?? Idk about that last piece though. Arrow and Deadly kart are the same supposedly as well. Not sure about any other companies

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Yeah the overlap in designs seems to be a hot topic. Especially with so few actual manufacturers of chassis. They do have different lines and frames they make of course, but the lines between facts and embellsihement are a bit blurred at times.

Some folks might say a DR is a CRG in red :blush:
Back when Kosmic came out in the 90’s it was supposedly “A tonykart with softer metal”
Etc etc.
One thing that’s always been interesting about OTK is their axle reccomendations are opposite to others.

I think I remember hearing it’s because the chassis is softer than the axle on the Tony Karts, as opposed to the axle being softer than the chassis. It might be backwards, and I’m sure Koyen can clarify but that’s what I remember. I think Arrow is the same way according to a driver from the Badger Club

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Yeah that’s been my theory. I have zero hard evidence supporting that though. Just speculation based on testing.

The function of the axle and chassis stiffness should be the same from kart to kart though. If the kart isn’t lifting enough, something is too stiff somewhere, whether it’s the actual frame or axle. Stiffness has to be removed from one or the other. Or better traction on the outside tire has to be achieved. It’s up to the driver/tuner to determine whether that means going stiffer or softer on the axle.


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Link for IPK Setup guide is obsolete.
I couldnt find it on manufacturers web-page or other places.

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Most current version as far as I’m aware

Regarding the axle section of IPK setup sheet, it’s my understanding the RGF axle is also referred to as the “MR” or “Medium Race” stiffness. Some of the IPK info I’ve seen has it listed as one step stiffer than the Medium, but others list it as one step softer. Does anyone know which is correct?


I believe they are different axles. However it seems they both fall into the category of medium-soft.

IPK is obsolete… Can tell because I own one…

That a pretty sweeping statement. Can you elaborate on that?

That would explain my two year long confusion then…lol

I wouldn’t believe that. Formula K just won the opening round in ROK Shifter at Pompano, won ROK Vegas, and took third at SKUSA SuperNats against the best drivers in the world. I’m not sure why you’d say they’re obsolete. They’re still probably the sixth or seventh largest kart manufacturer out there.

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TJ, Liked this a lot and thinking how the IR lifts is probably the best concept to understand how to tune a kart. Do you think that your write-up on Merlin generally would apply to an OTK kart?

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