How do I go about getting more Jacking/lift

How would i go about getting more rear lift/jacking.

  • Widen front track width
  • Increase caster
  • Stiffen front torsion bar
  • Narrow rear track width
  • Raise seat height
  • Raise rear ride height

Thx I’ll try it next time im out.

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Where in the corner do you want for jack?

  • As you initially turn the steering wheel
  • When you’ve reached a steering wheel angle that you’ll maintain until
  • You come off the steering wheel angle and are transitioning the corner

One typically isn’t looking for wheel jack in the next two phases (power on phases), so I’ve left them out.

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going into the corner

Probably start with increasing front width, then increasing caster. You want the wheel to lift and stay lifted, so you don’t want to too wide or too much caster or the wheel will bounce up and down.

thx alot this will definately help as i have been have problems with the kart being “pushed” out of the corner.

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Woah nelly!

Pushed out of the corner, you just said going into the corner.

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Widen front/increase caster for entry understeer, narrow front, decrease caster for exit understeer.

Generally, understeer on entry means the kart is not jacking enough weight or not jacking that weight quickly enough. Understeer on exit is a little more complicated, but usually it means you are either are never getting any lift at all or the kart is lifting and then setting back down too early and driving the front off the corner.


Tj, how do you tell if wheel coming down is due to technique problem as opposed to setup? Other than observing the driver. If you were experiencing it…

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Good question. Obviously they go hand-in-hand. If you are feeling a handling issue on-track, your first adjustment should be your driving to see if you can drive around the issue and fix it that way. If you can’t then it’s probably a legitimate handling issue.

Sometimes I’ll have a driver come in and say “it handles good, but sometimes it hops in this corner.” To which I say, “if it’s only doing it in that corner sometimes, it’s probably a mistake you’re making or a driving thing.”

The kart is a constant for the most part. If something is happening inconsistently on-track, it’s probably a driving thing. If it’s happening consistently, no matter how you drive the corner, it’s probably a kart thing.


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Me and @tjkoyen had the same issue one weekend working together I was complaining of no front grip but after changing my driving the kart worked like it was supposed to. So look at driver first to see if they are doing what they are supposed to be. Then look at kart, but as karting goes it depends on the situation. Just my 2 cents.

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To Dom’s question, I would also add that part of the process to diagnose whether it’s a “you” problem or a kart problem is to assess whether you’re hitting your marks. Basically goes along with the “correct your driving” point that TJ made. If you start making changes based around bad driving habits, such as over-driving the entry of a tight corner, then you’ll likely take yourself in the wrong direction.