Let's talk about Seat Position

That’s a nice way of putting it. PITA more like!

I’ve seen some trick brackets that help make adjustments easier to make and more consistent. Of course, I’m having no luck finding links right now…

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Here’s how iKart do it…

I’m about your size Tyler, and yeah depending on the chassis I’ve always had the seat raised up as well.

We used to calculate center of gravity a long time ago to try and get the seat at the correct height.


Do you know where I could locate a seating position chart for The Arrow AX-9 4s? I just purchased the kart, and would like to get the seat right. I looked at the Arrow site tech downloads, and did not see a specific document for the 4s.

So, looking at the technical specs it looks like the 4s is a 30/32 chassis, which should mean this is the guide you’re going to want


Try it out to see if it works, if it doesn’t I’m sure we’ll find the one that does

Also, I’m kinda lost in my seat position. I’m 6’1", and 145 lbs. Any changes anybody would recommend for seat position from the standard?

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Thanks for this, I’ve added it to the Links to chassis setup topic

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Use this one instead it’ll have all the kart models on it to choose from

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Wow that’s huge, Might just put a link to that page instead!

I have massive respect to DPE for posting not just all their base setups but also guides on how to tune around certain tires and/or based on their pro driver’s recommendations. Seriously impressed with that level of confidence. I’d love to see OTK/iPK/some other big company do that


OTK doesn’t do that because everyone leaves the setup at baseline for 95% of the time. :wink:


Great topic, and something I am struggling with. I would appreciate input. I am 5’ 1" 115 pounds running TAG Sr. with a class weight of 370 pounds. We run Evinco reds/MG whites. I have a size 1 OTK seat in a new tony kart racer. OTK suggests mounting seat 10 mm below frame an I have heard up to a and including even with top of frame. Help with seat height appreciated.

Can you talk a little about the handling issues you are looking to address?

You’ll need it higher. Even I, at 5’7", mount it higher than OTK recommends. We have it about parallel with the bottom of the rail.

Otherwise, set it where they recommend. Adjust the height as needed. We used to calculate the center of gravity when I was about that size, and set the seat so the CoG was always the same. Probably a little overkill.

You could put some foam padding in the seat to get you higher up for now if you don’t feel like moving the seat all the time.

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Do you remember how to calc the CoG height? I recall something about raising the front x amount, measuring the change in weight on the rear scales, then running a calculation of some sort.

I don’t recall, but sounds like you’re on the right track.

Probably something to do with angles and numbers and that whole sine, cosine, and tangent thing.



Before Supernats I switched from a Tillett T12 to a much softer Imaf F6 silver. I mounted it in the same position, at the top of the rails. I didn’t have any time in the kart for about 2 months before the race, so I went there with out any idea of what the kart would feel like. I think I’m finally on the right track of having the kart work like a kart. I even experienced two wheels for the first time ever in that super grippy turn one on Sunday. I could also feel the kart jacking and flexing around me a bit for the first time. Unfortunately, not being used to that I think I had a tendency to over react.

I also found that I needed to just quit trying to make the kart fit me using the factory pedal mounts. I just can’t reach them properly and trying to stretch out or hold my self in place wasn’t working for me, and I don’t feel that the bolt on pedal extenders are a good long term solution. I always joke that I need a 1010mm shifter :stuck_out_tongue:

On my old intrepid I used some Wldkart pedal mounts that bolted to the floor pan. There were two issues with them and they were both the reason I tried to not use them again: my legs were always on the tie rods, and the Intrepid/Praga floor plan is fairly narrow.

I’m also a big fan of 3D printing and attempted to design a solution. It worked ok but I just couldn’t get back far enough to make it work.

So I’ve spent part of the day installing the IPK pedal mounts on my Praga. I still need to make a new brake rod and add a throttle spring but these things are pretty nice.

I’m not joking when I say I have no legs :laughing:


I can’t wait to see some photos of you in the kart. I’d like to see how your position has changed, since you’ve raised the seat and put those pedal risers in.

First picture is the seat mounted to factory specs. Second is raised. Notice how my feet are stretched out. Third pic is my intrepid last year. Seat is mounted to factory specs but I did have the pedals moved back.

This might be a stupid question, because honestly I haven’t thought it all the way through at 12:30am, but does the weight balance change at all when you move your body weight “up” like that?

I’m probably going to wake up and think that this is the dumbest post ever :stuck_out_tongue: