Kart Class Advanced Digital Training Programs are here!

I was looking at notes in my phone the other day from October 2018 and it has written down; Create video tutorials and worksheets for karting drivers to learn remotely anywhere in the world, anytime of the day.

Fast forward to January 2020 (Before COVID) I was sitting in the hotel room at The Bend Motorsport Park in Adelaide and the idea of Kart Class was created. Build an online platform where aspiring karting drivers can watch, learn & listen from my 25 years in the karting scene.

When I began karting at age 5 (Yes, this was illegal at the time, but we drove when no one was around in the early 90’s ) I was fortunate to have my dad George who raced, and my cousin James (now a 6 x Australian Champion) to coach and guide me with my racing. Not many families are in a position where they can afford coaches, team support, trial and error on practice days with the expenses motorsport can have on them. It took me 2 years before I was consistently competitive when I started racing at 7. I lacked confidence in my overtaking, was nervous to drive in the wet and always missed the race starts.

So I tried to cut out the so called ‘bullshit’ that people feed you along the way with the driving techniques that I have developed that have seen me win a record breaking 18 x Australian Championships , top qualify both the Rotax World Finals & SKUSA SuperNats and podium at both events as well as winning the Florida Winter Tour & race wins in Asia, Europe & New Zealand.

We will launch two different types of programs with Kart Class. The first is our beginner program which is suited to newcomers to the sport, or aspiring racers looking to buy a kart package and want to learn before they begin. Inside the program, users will have access to our 14 episodes that include driving techniques & kart setup advice for novices who want to go to the race track with a purpose rather than driving around helplessly.

The next program we have is our 6 month membership program that is more in depth analysis to your driving; wet weather techniques, where to drive on the opening lap, when to trail brake, how to maximise your race starts, plus more, and we are joined by our Mindset Coach from the United Kingdom who has had success in Moto GP, British Touring Cars and WSK Karting with his clients. This enables members to dive right into the mindset that takes drivers from the podium to perennial race winners.

Why a 6 month membership? Well nothing happens overnight right! If you want sustained success you can’t rush the process. So we want to build on the fundamentals with our drivers so they can be versatile in any condition or situation thrown at them.

We will be adding an online community where members can ask their questions and have them answered by our Mindset Coach and myself throughout the program as we want to develop your abilities and build on them. Throughout the program, members will also receive new content each month, special guest interviews from champion racing drivers in Formula E, Supercars, GT Racing and IndyCar to provide you with the knowledge that has seen these drivers make a career in Motor Racing.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys and help guide you to achieve your personal bests.

Sign up so you don’t miss the launch tomorrow morning!


Circling back on this. This looks like a great program that’s been missing for some time! How’s it going?

This is interesting to me. The site doesn’t seem to offer specifics about cost or how to sign up. Am I being dumb and missing a click?

Also, my ego says I should look at stage 3 but the realist in me is thinking start stage 2. I shouldn’t assume I know what I am doing!

The link that says sign up takes you to the pre-launch site. I don’t see any place to enroll, there. @DavidSera

When can we sign up? Is this recommended for cadet/rookie?

Hi James,
Kart Pulse is something I tell myself to check frequently, but forget to with a newborn keeping me busy!
So far so good, we’ve got members joining us now from the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and our homeland in Australia with drivers responding well to the content.

Had a few teething issues as all startups do, but I think we’ve ironed most of them out now.

It allows drivers & parents who can’t get access to support an opportunity to learn from my 25 years experience in kart racing and the added benefit of communicating directly with me to answer their individual dramas.

Hi Dom,
A fair bit has been changed to how it was when you checked our site!
We’ve now seperated the videos into two categories:
Beginner : Best suited to real newcomers (1-2 seconds off the pace, making basic mistakes, missing apexes, not using all the race track, entry level kart setup advice)
Champions Club: 30 videos on driving, race craft and mindset as well as diagrams, worksheets to fill in and written information to cement that knowledge. We have a world renowned Mindset Coach also offering videos on nerves, confidence, and how to deal with pressure to get the drivers in the right frame of mind.

Costs are all in AUD, and can be paid for in 4 instalments.

Hey Richard,
Sorry I was late to the party and didnt get notifications when people responded to our post.
Our programs are available now, and once subscribed to can be viewed 24/7, from mobile, tablet or PC.

Get access to over 30 episodes and over 3.5 hours of content between articles, videos and podcasts.

Suited for cadets, just depending on experience levels, as to whether the beginner or champions program is best suited to you.