Kart dimensions without bumper(s)

Hi all - new to karting, and thinking of getting a used kart. Been searching a lot, but haven’t found good information about dimensions. Trying to figure out how to transport and determine whether I can fit it into the back of my SUV.

I think it will fit width wise, if I remove the side pods and possibly the rear wheels.

Can someone please let me know the full length of a kart?

  1. full length without rear bumper
  2. full length without front and rear bumpers

Not sure if there are large differences between manufacturers and classes but I’m considering a used Praga Tacho (for 125cc TaG Masters).


So I have not actually measured my kart, but my truck bed is 6ft long. My Kart with front and rear bumpers on fits just snuggly with the tailgate shut. Without the front bumper it adds about 5 -6 inches of space. Due to the way the rear bumper mounting bolts stick out of the back of the frame, removing the bumper itself will not gain you much space. Maybe an inch or two. The side pods tuck gently between the rear fender indents in the bed. Depending on your SUV you may have to remove them or at least the rear wheels.

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Without the plastic nose, side pods and rear bumper, have gotten a kart into a couple of different vehicles. Taking off the wheels and tires lets the kart lay on its frame so it won’t slide around. This worked for me with a Durango and an Acadia.
Had a very old Saab hatchback. With the back seat down, just rolled the kart in, fully assembled.

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I had an '89 900 hatch my senior year of High School. That thing had room for all sorts of shenanigans with the backs seats down. :innocent: :zipper_mouth_face: :japanese_ogre:

My 2015 CKR SG4 shifter kart chassis, with the front plastic nose removed but the metal front nerf bar bumper still attached, and the rear plastic bumper with all mounting accessories removed in the rear, is approximately 64 inches (162.5 cm) long (From front edge of the front metal nerf bar to the end of the chassis frame’s tubing at the rear).

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Thanks for the measurement, Charles! I have 66" of floor space. Sounds like I can fit it into the space by removing front nose, side pods, rear bumper, and rear wheels. Hoping that doesn’t take too much time and effort to remove and reinstall each time.

I might be able to get a bit more room by just folding the 2nd row seats and not rolling them forward, but then I’d need to lift the kart by 12" halfway in. I can probably build a ramp with wood.