Kart Dimensions

I’m looking into trailers and was wondering what the average or so dimensions of a racing kart would be. I’ve been to a few sites and can’t seem to find the information. I’m going to guess chassis for 2 strokes and 4 strokes would be about the same size, right? Would oval karts be any different? H/W/D ballpark figures would be great. Thanks!

My Margay Inginte K3 is 78" long, 25" tall, & 52" wide (depending on track settings). It go up to 54". I was wondering all this when I was looking for trailers. Ended up settling on a 5x8 Bravo Hero enclosed trailer. The only issue with getting the kart in was the rear track with is about 52" and the door opening is 51". You can go to the trailer manufacturing and have the door widened for a few extra $$ and longer lead time. I went for the option of getting trailer tires for the kart of the kart and now it goes right into the trailer with no twisting or struggling. With the setup I have now, I can get the kart in&out of the trailer and put in it on the kart stand by myself. It’s pretty handy when no one is around to help out.

You can following along with my trailer build here.


Thanks a bunch! 20char

You can get the width and length down really quick by removing the nosecone, sidepod and rear hubs.

True, but the rear track is going to the widest point typically. And you have to take everything off and on. I thought about, and now only take the nosecone off to get it in the trailer. Also you have all those laying around the trailer and have to secure them some how.

My kart, with all wheels and sidepods on is roughly 79" long, 54" wide, and 24" tall. I can either stick it in the back of an old C1500 8’ bed pickup easily if I take off the sidepods first, or put it in our 8’ x 55" (inside) box trailer that I can pull with the Subaru. No ramp on the trailer, just a normal door, but used it was only $750.

I’m building (waiting on it to get welded next week) an aluminum scissor lift that will make either easy to get in/out of without any lifting to speak of by myself for practice days.

what would be the dimentions of the kart with side pods hubs nose cone off