Kart gearing please help

Have a few questions about the gearing if you go down one tooth in front how many teeth does that affect the rear does it make the rear go down teeth or go up in teeth
, example if i have a 12 front and 58 rear and i switch the front to an 11 what does it make the rear

11/12=0.917 so 58/0.917 = 63

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Print this and put it in your trailer as a quick reference.


Or this one if you need the smaller 4 cycle gears. Some people like to talk ratios. Math is hard.

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Comet has a nice gear chart

A little color at least

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I made a gear chart in excel with the driver sizes on left and axle gears on top with the calculated ratio table below. Then I did an excel conditional format for color grading to make it go from large to small ratio. I also put a border along the cells between closest ratios, sort of made zig-zaggy border diagonal across the table. It made finding similar ratios or half step ratios so much easier!!!

I would share it but don’t have the file handy. I will be making a new one for our KA100 this year, but we won’t be changing gears as much as we did with the LO206. We ran from a 16 front driver all the way to a 20 front with rears from 65 to 74 depending on the track we were at. That was from NTK, DKC, SpeedSportz, Waco, Midland, Amarillo, and Garnett KS. So a huge range in track types.


This is me. I yell at my garage mates when they say front and rear sizes. :joy:

Your phone is almost certainly on you… Its exactly the opposite of what my teacher said about not having a calculator handy at any point in time. I don’t have much of a preference I usually tell people the gears vs Ratio. Seems especially new racers that ratios might go over their head but they can always copy my gearing if I tell them the physical numbers on the gears.

I run different sprocket sizes as I am at the Minimum 219 sprocket sizes on the rear.

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