Kart identification help please

Hey guys, seeking the expertise this forum provides. I’ve been shopping for a cadet kart for my 8 year old son. I’m new to the scene, only started last year after buying a couple tag karts with my brother. Anyway, I’m on a budget and this kart is priced right. He said there is no Id tag stamped on it which I find odd but it looks like a cadet to me with a kt100. Ideally I’d start him off with a 206 but I’m interested in your thoughts on a cadet kt because generally they are cheaper. Also please help id this chassis!!!

It’s a margay. (Based on the rear of the kart.) There should be a serial stamped inside of one of the spindle C’s. Get that serial and report back!

Thank you sir! Any idea of the year?

The serial number will tell us.

Definitely a Margay. Judging by the nerf bar spuds, the rear bumper mounts, and removeable second rail on the left side , I am going to guess 2003-04 range. Burpo is right, the Serial number will tell you everything.