Kart info for noob

First post, need some info please.
Picked up this kart a few months ago for 700 on CL. Poster didn’t “know” much about it. Only said it needs “some love”, so far I replaced gaskets, hoses, seat and fuel tank. Need some rubber and bodywork.
I haven’t thought about competing but I would like to take it to the track. I’m in NorCal and there’s a few around.
Kart- frame is 28mm with a stamp of U112 (maybe) on brake master housing face
Engine-KX80 shifter. has 0.082 on head intake housing
Rear axle- 34mm with rear brake.
How old is this style of kart. Outdated? Ancient? Any ideas on what type of frame? I’ll need to get nerf bars/pods, so is the frame info important or just center-center distance from stubs more important?
I’m all over the place with questions. Any reply will be appreciated.

Seems like a good deal, actually. Yeah it’s definitely an older chassis but should be plenty fun to drive. I can’t help as to what kind but it sorta has a vintage look.

Yes, it is quite fun cruising around the neighborhood. Already had a few noise complaints. So I repacked the exhaust and I can’t tell a difference.

I don’t mean to preach but driving a kart on the street is frowned on big time.

Careful with the neighborhood stuff. Karting fatalities are disproportionately found in neighborhood driving. Cars can’t see you and all it takes is a distracted driver. Sorry to be a bummer.

It’s a nice looking kart, too. If you look on the chassis there might be a homologation sticker that can help identify the maker.

Understandable on the neighborhood issue.

Only thing I see is a stamp on the front of the brake master housing

Ah. It appears to have been repainted. It probably is painted over.

Yes, Painted the frame. The original red color oxidized/faded to a pink. Gave me a chance to learn where/function of components when reassembling. And used plenty of blue locktite.

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If the karter driving on the street gets hurt that his fault but think of the other driver and how the person might feel if there were a tragic accident.

Are my eyes (or monitor) deceiving me or is that chassis offset? I know the seat is generally offset even in a sprint kart, but it seems like the front end is offset on this kart?

@Joeblizzie, Welcome. Where are you located? Lets get you on to a track so you can let that thing rip.

Edit, just saw you’re in Norcal. There’s actually a strong contingent of 80cc shifter fans and drivers out that way that meet up to get together and turn laps on older karts. Make sure you connect with Jason Berry AKA @Norcal_Karters

I think it’s a combo of… coffee in one hand while trying to focus and take a pic with the other, plastic seat that I heated and “molded”…into position, and loose/floppy front bumper.
Yes the seat is offset. The steering column base is centered but the post does offset a bit too, however the frame did not seem or look warped when it was stripped.
The tube on left side was filled with what seems like lead shot when I took off the rear bumper. Guess that’s for weight distribution?
To clarify, I live in a small gated community. I understand the danger and risks I pose while driving cruising it around. Not being negligent.