Kart like vehicles

Any of you get a chance to try these crosskarts? Apparently this is a thing in Sweden.

KZ on dirt with suspension

Friend has a company here in the states. Sierra cars. Look them up. They have been running the global rally cross series as a support series. Pretty cool. They have everything from like a 700cc single cylinder to a turbo 1300cc version.

I will, thanks. 20 chars

Top Speed 140 mph
Acceleration 0-60 2.2 seconds
Weight 1150 lbs
Up to 600 HP


That’s nuts. I’ll take the 310 hp one.

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One of our Local Club Racers, Dylan Towne, ran a America’s Rally Cross event in Austin last fall.

Here is a video of his second heat. Looks fun!

Leave it to the Scandinavians to shoehorn a motorcycle engine into a kart sized dune-buggy and sling it around in the dirt! :joy::joy::joy:

Very cool! That seems quite similar to karts, actually. I could see folks enjoying this, given the popularity of those polaris type offroady things.