Kart Maintenance Advice for a new owner (2 cycle mini swift)

We just purchased a used Parolin Kart with a 2 cycle 60cc Woltjer Parilla Engine for my 10 year old son. We have been out at the track twice and wanted to make sure that we are hitting all the parts that require routine maintenance. Below is what we have done after each session. If there are other things that need to be done can you please advise?
-Disconnect battery and charge before next session.
-Remove gear and chain and clean both. Oil chain before next session.
-Drain excess fuel.
-We check tire pressure before next session

Please let us know what else we are missing. Thanks.

I typically hit the axle bearings and front hub bearings with triflow before the start of the day. I always try to wipe off as much grease/dirt as I can at the end of the day. I find the longer I go without cleaning it the harder it is to want to clean it up since it will take so long.

One thing I always forget to do is remove the transponder and bring it home to charge. Gopros as well.

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Determine how many hours are on your motor then contact your engine builder. This might be a good time to have the motor serviced.