Kart Pulsers Flying at Stars!

Just saw Chris is sitting on Pole for KA Masters! Andy P8! Looks like Chris got bumped off track early in Heat Race #1. Andy was slicing and dicing and making up some good spots! Keep kicking ass guys!


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Keep up the pressure @Andy_Kutscher

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Woo! Well done. :checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag:

KA Masters is spicy, lots of bumping and banging! Plus tech must be fired up looking for anything on the engines and/or karts! Quite a bit of DQs are being handed out.




Our boy @Paul_Montopoli got himself up to P4 in Heat #2!



Masters was interesting because it was wet but drying so the field was split 50/50 rains and slicks. Slicks were the right call ultimately but those guys got lucky the rain didn’t come back 2 min earlier or they would’ve been struggling.


@Muskabeatz Was hooked up in the wet!

@jfeder Looked quick as well!



Curious to hear what all the tech DQs were for. I’m very envious of the turnout in Masters for both KA and Shifter.


I don’t know for sure but I’m speculating there were rear track width violations for a lot of drivers. It’s a rule people don’t think about much, but there is a rule about not having the rear wheels inside the bodywork, and in the rain lots of guys just slam the rears in without thinking about that.

Settles got DQ’d for having an air box cover but was on slicks. Apparently that is against the rules. Seemed silly to me. Not sure about Stiffler

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They pretty much just checked our rear track width in tech, so my assumption is that’s what it probably was for the shifter guys. Stars just has a minimum of 53”, rear width relative to any bodywork doesn’t matter, bumpers and side pods can be outside the tires.

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Small adjustments and finally felt comfortable enough to let it rolling. Still a bit too much tail wagging center off for me. If I can get that sorted, should be money.

Chassis is close now. Switch power is Monster


I’m sold I need to come out for a stars race next year! From the outside they seem to be really well put together events with good turnout. Maybe not the “superstars” of SKUSA or USPKS, but still lots of big hitters.

I’m gonna have to pick your brain on getting a Compkart setup for shifter. I’ll have to bug Justin about getting one for next year. I’ve been wanting to put one together for a couple years now, but no one runs them out West.

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Stars is top-notch. I’ve ran it as a competitor and now I’m on the staff side and it is great both ways.

Horan flying the flag for Kartpulse in KA masters and sitting pretty going into the final tomorrow. AS much as I"d love to beat him I’m pulling for him at this point.

Goldman has had stellar pace but had some ups and downs and ultimately made the wrong call like we did on tires in pre-final.

I screwed up Qualifying and my brother killed it to claim pole.!!! Team Kutscher got something notable this weekend.

We guessed wrong on the tires for the pre-final and it’s going to make tomorrow extremely difficult…still hoping for the best the kart is good when she’s in the grove and I’m driving with a clear head.

This is the strongest and most intense masters field I’ve ever raced in. Great learning all around and a challenge for all of us.


No one runs them out east either :laughing:

I’ve been happy with it, and obviously the support has been top notch. Justin and Jim are both out here for the event and they’ve been a super helpful with tuning. I’d be happy to share my notes if you decide to take the plunge.

At least you have a series that pulls more than a field of 5! :joy: Closest we have is ROK Cup, but turnout is nothing like Stars is pulling.

Aha I thought you just meant Compkart shifters :joy: Yeah I’m definitely lucky that AMP has a relatively decent sized shifter crowd and the masters guys that run Stars have been a lot of fun to race with. Highly recommend

Had about 1/4 of the TSRS KA SR field get popped for this during one of the heat races last race. We knew about the rule and still didn’t check. Went from MXC 7.1 to Douglas 6.0. Difference in width and offset combined to put us just inside rear bumper. Completely my fault.