Kart Racer Luca Colberi Handed 15-year FIA competition ban

I was angry, and “he did it too” is not a very good argument. We’ll see how this goes . . .

He could try, “I am sorry.”

This seems dumb:

They also argued that Corberi’s actions were “in a state of anger, determined by the unjust fact of others” after a collision with Ippolito caused him to retire from the race.

The unjust fact of others… what does this mean? Factually, it is unjust that most of you are faster than me.


Corberi was punted off big time at T1/2 into the barriers by Paulo. The actions will never be justified, but if I was smashed off like that I don’t know how in control I’d be.

Is there a link anywhere to the what preceded the bumper throw?
Nothing justifies a good bumper toss, but the little voice in my head still wants to see it.

Reminds me of an incident at Carole (Also KZ/ICC) class around the turn of the century. Can’t remember the drivers though, Piccini and Fore?

One of them got punted into the nether realm.

somewhere in this?

It was a different year. I have it on VHS somewhere, 3600 miles away.

Sounds like you need to consolidate.


Karting Emotion and Passion posted it just a bit ago.

Fore drives over his shoulder and swerves Piccini a bunch, Piccini says “okay let’s tango” and gives Fore unreal whiplash.

I did something similar at Supernats about 10 years ago. Same situation; front guy had wrecked two people already and drove over his should on the straight, reacting to every move. So I latched onto his bumper and didn’t lift for the hairpin at turn one.


Someone’s gotta take care of it if the marshals won’t😂 got any footage of it?

The saga continues

15 years is a long time. I barely remember the person I was 5 years ago.
He needed a ban for his contribution to that whole fiasco, I don’t know if 15 years is appropriate.
I am more interested in what happened to his old man after pile driving that kid in parc ferme. Straight up assault. Hopefully the police got involved with that, however the complication for CIK is that the family owns the track. I feel like they should be boycotting the track for a time.

It’s not prison, he just can’t race FIA events. Totally deserved. His dad deserves some sort of assault charges as well.

I know its not prison, and I agree it is deserved.
Assault in my country carries a 2-5 year prison sentence and a 5-30K fine. That is what I am basing my vague disquiet of 15 years being too long.
And to be clear, I don’t care really (throw the book at him). It just seems like a long time.

Tin foil hat time:
Is the CIK punishing L Corberi because they cant or wont penalise the father because they don’t want to lose access to what I assume is one of the best tracks in europe?

Plausible theory, but even if true, it wouldn’t be admitted. My theory is there’s still more ink to pen to this story. Not the end.

FIA are cementing their position as karting being nothing more than Formula 5 is all but name. They don’t want adults racing and certainly don’t want the bad press Luca has bought to them. Hence why 15 years in my view

FIA events includes all the national governing bodies. He’s lost his KFA series as well by the looks of it. It’s not just the big events. For luca it’s his 100cc stuff too, which he is very passionate about.

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The lads from Monty Python are a treasure. Hopefully they are immortal.