Kart Racer Luca Colberi Handed 15-year FIA competition ban


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I bet the folks from Tony Kart are pissed to have their brand on front street by someone behaving like that.

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Ironically, it netted TK - & karting - more outside exposure than the sport itself has ever been able to generate.

Humans are weird.


It seems to me that 15 years is a bit much. A year ban would have been adequate. Or, some other form of pain like no races for rest of season and we are wiping your points. Try again next year.

I think considering they went to town on the other driver in the pits after throwing the nosecone, I’m not surprised it’s severe.


15 years would seem to be effectively a lifetime ban which seems excessive .3 to 5 years seems appropriate to me fwiw.

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I forgot about the unforgivable Dad pile on. Yes, lifetime ban is warranted but extreme. Sends message.

Will probably be overturned in time.

Usually it would be a lifetime ban. They got off relatively easy. I guess just throwing the bumper would have been somewhat fine for the FIA, but the attack in the parc ferme was clearly worth a lifetime ban.

If it wasn’t for the dog pile in the pits after-the-fact, adding insult to injury, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been that severe. Just goes to show how actions have consequences and its better to keep your ego and anger in check; especially at that level of competition.

Add to the fact that the Dad (Owner of the track) joined in the Parc Ferme melee and you can see this isn’t a case like many others.

He’ll be 38 when he gets to come back to CIK karting, I’m sure he’ll find lots of non CIK stuff to do until then.

He could always go Moto 2 racing.:wink:

Nothing can excuse anything here…, but has anyone seen video of what happened originally with Ippolito? I never saw any video of that. Share if you know where this footage may exist. It probably shows that Ippolito didn’t even touch him! Ha. Anyway, interested to see what put him in the barrier.

For me, it’s the parc ferme bit that bothered me. He’d been sat out the race for however long and he hadn’t thought about the implications.

In the end, its just karting and he said he’d stop karting anyway after the incident. They are lucky they didn’t get criminal charges and i’m sure its only pressure from the kart manufacturers who all use Lonato as a testing facility that the track didn’t get some sort of penalty too (the dad who piles in owns the track).


I understand why they put the ban,15 years seems very very extreme, but didn’t Luca Corberi already say on social media that he was done with racing already without the ban?

Yeah he said he was retiring from racing. But obviously the governing body has to issue a punishment in such an instance. You can’t let someone do something like that and then just let them say “you can’t fire me, I QUIT!”


I thought I read somewhere that Lonarto’s licences had been revoked, as punishment for the Father.
The racers ban is justified, maybe a bit long. however if nothing happens to the Father that would be injustice I believe


Corberi is appealing

Didn’t he say he would never compete in any form of Motorsport again?

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I guess changed his mind. the fia might consider it if he eats a whole lot of humble pie. If his defence remains ‘I was angry’ then def not.

Hope he learned a lesson

classic “I was angry” defense. extremely effective in court

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