Kart Racing Pro Release 5 is out

I’ve always enjoyed playing with Kart Racing Pro. If you have a PC and a wheel, it’s worth playing with. Maybe a few of us can get together for a KartPulse race sometime?

Checkout the site for KRP at: http://www.kartracing-pro.com/
Or me messing around with Release 4 in the wet…

Download Kart Racing Pro release 5 from here (1GB)
(Also available via steam)

Kart Racing Pro Release 5 Changelog:

fix: borderless window mode
fix: dash update on Intel graphics
fix: HUD in VR
fix: 3D grass in VR
fix: TrackIR support
fix: UI pull-downs
fix: Track Day results export
fix: Wackersdorf
new: option to link head tracking to driver tuck
new: cockpit view tilt setting
new: cockpit view lean option
new: trainer lead setting