Kart rack we made - to conserve floor space & other small projects

This is rack we made to store karts above a workbench area. It also defines what is the karting area in a much larger shop.
20181118_071957 20181118_072007

It really does save a lot of floor space. 1 downside is we need a forklift to get them down, That is why the karts sit on the yellow pallets. Not just any forklift will do, you need a racing forklift.


There are other ways to get them down but the forklift is there anyway. Some form of winch to lift karts is coming soon as I am by myself a lot when working on karts.

It is still in the moving things around, in & out stage. Hoping to have it 100% worked out soon.
It is pretty well lit as you may be able to tell from the pics.

Another small fab project:
Kart didn’t have footstops - it was killing me - So I decided to tackle it after not finding a set that I thought would fit. At first I was worried about adjustability. That was adding complications, so I just got it done as a starting point and they seem fine where they are.

an even smaller project:
It did take a knife, lighter and some exhaustive knot tying skilz.
I use these to keep the kart on the stand for the 10 minute ride to the track.

Carabiners on each end keep the kart/stand interface stable and a loop in the middle keeps it tied to the D-ring on the trailer floor without shifting. It is only a 10 minute ride to track and I know where all the bumps are, so it works perfectly.
You can barely make out a loop with a single carabiner around the waist of the chassis and the front of stand that does the same up from when under tension. I just use 1 tie-down (not ratchet) strap front and 1 rear.

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There is epic amounts of handiness in this thread. Great work!


That would be a dream come true for me but i only have a house lol not even a garage i could use. Wow thats insanely awesome. One day perhaps…one day hopefully. :smiley:

I do like this. I remember seeing Max Verstappen’s personal shop having a similar setup.

Thank you kind sirs:

Max wants to be like me so bad . . . :star_struck:

I am very fortunate to be a part of it.

I kind of got the idea from Barber’s M/C museum, matchbox cars and even the local kart track. It is somewhat self evident as well.

I would have liked to go in front or back ways but then it takes more free room in front the rack to do that. I also was thinking about making a slide out draw type so we could winch karts up and down, but that would have been more complicated and took some figuring out. It would have cost more but only needed a winch. A forklift cost more than a winch, takes up room, requires room to move and if it is dead in the water then life sucks. As it turns out it really helps to have a second set of eyes anyway, so being alone when doing this still has it’s issues. The Racing forklift was down and I had to use a bigger forklift and it was tight in the available space. To top it off the controls were different too.

The weak link in that shop is the floor. It is not level and very dirty from years of use.

I know first world problems.

I figure I better get all moved in and situated first. I also need to do some work on the trailer and tow vehicle. Then at some point I’d like to have the luxury of a frame table and corner scales.

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