Kart republic brakes issue

Picked up a 6 month old Kart Republic, all in great condition. However noticed over time brake fluid is pooling around each of the two bleed screws! Obviously, we’ve tightened them adequately (but not too tight as calliper metal is soft). Apparently there are no seals or O-rings with these new EL.ZET brakes. Also, there’s barely a gap between the brake pads and disc; whilst it’s a floater there’s constant dragging - maybe something to do with the bleed screw issue or a KR quirk? It look’s like the pistons are barely retracting. BTW the whole system has been carefully bled with DOT 4 and disc carrier aligned.

Can any of you KR experts shed light on this?

We have the same brakes on the Croc now.

The pads do not back off the rotor like, say, an MCP caliper does, but the pistons do back off enough that there is no drag even though the floating rotor can contact the pads slightly.

You should have normal bleeders on your caliper, too. Make sure the threads are clean and the bleeder is long enough to seal completely when tight. Without knowing the kart’s history, it may have been swapped with an incorrect bleeder screw/valve.

I’ve had issues with faint leaks from the bleeders in the past. I can’t remember how I fixed it, but I think it was just a matter of cleaning them and making sure they’re tight. Nothing out of the norm.

I also had an issue with dragging brakes but that was completely my fault. I accidentally had one of the brake rod clevis’ was tightened too tight and wouldn’t let it float when you move the pedal.

Thanks Matthew, we cleaned up the bleed thread and cone in the calliper. It’s now holding brake fluid! Surprising how tiny amounts of gunk can break the seal. Also, I noticed the brake pistons don’t have inner magnets, but was told the pistons themselves are magnetised - however I’ve seen no evidence of this. Are the EL.ZET pads designed to simply rattle about? This would explain the pads gently rubbing, right? Finally, when the rear axle is spun around the floating disc will mostly self correct running true and central, but sometimes angle up and rub the pads to the point of stopping! Is this not an issue when out on track? Again our clearance is about .2mm either side - the pads simply won’t retract any more!