Kart Scaling Questions

I have finished building yet again a new to me kart and decided to finally scale it before hitting the track. 2017 CRG KT2 X30 - senior - minimum weight 365 lbs.

Alignment as per CRG’s manual was done directly before scaling, brand new tire’s all set to 9 psi. Only had 1/4 tank of fuel because i still need to buy more.

As you can see from the screen i am 10 lbs short (i have four 5 pound weights on hand) I plan to add 10 lbs and run a lot more fuel.
They told me to just add 10 lbs on the bottom front portion of the seat or play with the two 5 pounds and place them near the front or where ever. Basically just play with it.
Also told the balance looked great until i got home and saw the picture.

My concern is how the front right is 8lbs heavier than the left front and how the left rear could weigh more than the right rear. I thought the right rear is always the heaviest?
Im waiting to actually be able to hit the track and will toy with the weights but also set a day use the scales again and try to be more thorough. Im just looking for suggestions and comment for now. Thanks, Nick

Those numbers look pretty good. I never scale karts anymore, but back when we did I would have been happy with those spreads across front and rear. Keep in mind that any small movements in your steering is going to affect your cross weight measurements, so do your best to ensure that the steering column (not necessarily the wheel) is perfectly straight. If you’re able to use Snipers on the front spindles that would be an easy way to check.

If the steering was truly straight for this photo then I would first get the gas tank filled to where you usually run your fuel level, and go from there. I’d also be sure to fill the radiator if you haven’t already, though that may work against you just slightly. If that doesn’t change much then I would add one 5 lb piece to the middle front of the seat (crotch underside), and one 5 lb piece to the back of the seat, near the bottom on driver’s right.

If you still feel a need to correct the cross, then you could try shifting the seat one 5mm spacer to the right. If it’s already all the way up against the engine side strut, then just run it.

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