Kart scaling

Can I use 4 shipping scales instead of dedicated scales? I’m goin got be installing an engine and a seat soon and I’d like to get good weight distribution, without spend 700 bucks on scales. Any other methods welcome, thanks.

Yeah should be fine. Lots of people use bathroom scales too. Just make sure everything is level side to side, front to back, and cross.


Make sure you have a helper to write down the numbers… trying to write down numbers from each scale when you’re sitting in the kart is hard :joy:

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In my opinion focus on getting the front/rear weight correct and forget the corners.
Its close to (in my opinion anyway) impossible to get right.

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My chassis is bent to shit

Id like to get good lateral distribution, within 5%, and then between 50/50 and 40F/60R longitudinal. Any tips on longitudinal? Which should I go for the 50 50 or 40 60

Front weight should be between 44-41%. That’s where most manufacturers recommend.

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The thing is, if your steering alignment is just slightly of your side to side will be off. If your frame is slightly Bent, it will be off, if your setup is not 100% level it will be off, if you turn the steeringwheel just a bit it will be off.

Yes in the perfect world we would also scale our kart on all Four corners, but i simply dont bother to do it, way to things Can mess it up.

We tend to front/rear distribution in the 43/57% ballpark.


Especially if you buy the digital ones that switch off after half a minute #askmehowiknow :joy::joy:

What is the latest reccomended weight distribution for tony kart racer 401 chassis as a baseline start guys ?? I have to start scale them .

What @Bai7200 is really important.

About a month ago I tried to scale my kart and ran into every issue @Bai7200 mentioned.

I settled for just doing the front/back mass distribution.

If there’s a reasonable solution, I’m all ears.

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41-44% front weight. 41 if you’re taller, 44 if you’re shorter.

OTK seat chart should get you close to that.


Many thanks Tj . I,will go that way

Thanks so much guys y’all have been of great help