Kart seat sliders

Does anyone know another brand in the states that makes something like this?

That’s a really cool idea. Do you have a retailer link? It could possibly be shipped stateside, if they’re willing.

Pretty certain they ship to the states

Question. Is there a benefit to being able to shift the fore-aft kart balance for varying track conditions? I mean, by shifting the seat.

I’m actually surprised it doesn’t also incorporate height adjustment.

Yes. I appreciate being able to move rental seats around. I could see this being handy on owner karts. Let’s say it’s raining.

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I know a couple locals that use it. And they have used it for exactly that. Rain vs dry

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I should try making some. That looks like a great idea

If you make some, let me know!

Will do! Gotta figure out the dimensions of the holes first

If you watch power republics video on those, he says the dimensions on them, I think.

Might as well make the plates 2D to accommodate both fore-aft & height adjustment. Scratching my head over why they didn’t do it.

I was thinking the same. Also easier to make