Kart Setup Apps

Hey All,
Didn’t find this anywhere on the site, but I am curious if anyone uses an app on their phone to keep track of chassis setups? I have seen a few for an Iphone but I have an Android phone and would like something to use to store setup data. We have been using the paper setup sheets to keep track but it becomes very tedious process with 3 karts in 3 different classes running 6 different track configurations each year…

I just use the note pad on my iphone. Mainly keep gearing, tire pressure and temps for each track with my best lap times on that setup.

Create your own track sheet to be used with each session. Include track, date, time, tire pressures, gearing, axle type, tire widths, weather and anything else you want to track. Put as many sheets you need for the weekend in a 3-ring binder and don’t forget to bring it with you. Make as many items as your can that can be either circled or check marked to speed things up.
Don’t neglect to complete a sheet for each session. If you have a scanner at home, scan the completed sheets.


I am actually in the process of creating a Windows application that will not only track your setups, but also has an optimization algorithm built in to help guide you with setup changes.

You will likely hear more from me on this topic within the year. My plan is to take this upcoming season to use it and work out the bugs, then truly release it and market it to the general public.

Please stay in touch if this interests you, or anybody else on here. Contact me here for now, more details to come!

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This sounds good, please keep in touch with it. If you are looking for someone to try it and give feedback I would be willing to do that! I have started a manufacturing business and can appreciate the value of beta test sites/people.