Kart setup

Hi i am 6.2 senior and getting to much grip i put double hh axle in to try get grip out still to much what else could i try

Widening the rear to 140cm, less caster, narrower front, front bar in etc


Change chassis, change seats (More recline), Remove seat struts.

I assume by to much grip you mean overjacking and hopping…

In addition to Lucas and Ronald’s suggestions, lower the seat and lower rear ride height.

As Ron said, that’s assuming you’re talking about too much inside rear wheel lift/weight jacking.

What chassis are you on?

Depending on the chassis you might need a softer axle not harder, some karts work opposite to what you’d expect. What are you running?

I assumed OTK given the HH axle, but yes confirm the chassis first. Also what tire and engine combo could be helpful too.

Yea hoping around hurting me lol it a 30/30 frame

It 30/30 tony kart gone double hard to try get grip out i think next thing we going to lower seat

That’s what I would do as the next step. I assume your rear track width is maxed already?