Kart Shoes - Wide Foot

Hey Guys,

I keep busting the sides of my race boots out, wondering if blokes with wide feet have a go to shoe, sick of blowing them out after 8 months! Cheers!

That’s a good question, actually. It does seem that karting shoes seem to come only in “normal” width.
My son, like you, has wide feet, and prefers to race in sneakers. I wonder if the car racing shoe world has wide options.

Googling might yield some results to pursue. Seems the moto folks have asked as well:

Additional thott: kart shoes are not fireproof. They are relatively simple items whose primary functional difference is having a very thin sole and a rounded heel. Otherwise, they are just shoes, with no special talents.

You could equally race in wrestling shoes, penny loafers, or any other thin soled shoe. Puma makes a number of street car “driving” shoes that work well.

Zamp makes a wide fit shoe that I wear. They’re okay, I’m not a fan of the big, goofy tongue but they are comfortable.

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Be like Dave Marcis, and race in wingtips!