Kart Speed Records - The Fastest of the Fast

(Work in Progress)

After Daytona Kartweek, there’s always a lot of talk about speed records for karts and I’ve never seen a single resource that talks about the different attempts over the years… So far there are three primary karts that come to mind:

  • Dap Boys’ Bonneville attempt in 1996 (Click for details)

  • Jack McClure’s rocket powered Karts

  • BRC250 Laydown at Daytona piloted by James Russell Jr.

  • Mike Clements’ 1992 World Land Speed record for 4 cycle karts. On the Salt Flats of Bonneville, Utah.
    His kart ran 144.832 mph with the help of the Tecumseh Star power and the Emmick

n.b. Karts are not permitted on the Salt Flats under USFRA rules.

Dap Boys (Angelo Parrilla) 1996

  • DAP T85 (100cc Reed Valve).
  • DAP Enduro\laydown Chassis, custom “teardrop” bodywork.
  • Speed: Average 120.729 MPH.


Dave Bradley The driver.

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Worth to note karts are no longer permitted at USFRA events… Safety concerns apparently.

BRC250 Laydown? Sounds like one hell of a ride.

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I see 146mph at Phillips Island in this video.

I was always told the 250 twins did 170mph at Snetterton but I can’t find a video. I know I did 130mph on a KZ there with just normal cik bodywork.


That sounds amazingly raw.

I’m gonna say that because it’s BS. Twin super at Daytona barely cracks 160. The aero isn’t good enough to push 170 without a a big glob of power. Drag increasing with the square of speed and all that. You’d probably need 150HP or more.

I’d love to hear more about the KZ at 130 too. Most I’ve seen was 119, in a big ass draft train, coming down off an oval bank at Gateway Motorsports Park

Yeah maybe it was paddock BS.

For the KZ it was on a wheel sensor so its possible the speed was all whacky because the tire gets bigger at those speeds. But i was tucked in behind an 125open who had full aero.

That’s more plausible then :grin:

We saw 128 gps on the back straight at mid ohio 2017 in cik125. Big draft and downhill help though

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Well, guess this gives me an excuse to say I’m down on power :smiley:

I was as suprised as you! Been running this class for years and never saw this before. It was a freak event closing on a pack punching a huge hole in the air.

I have seen 130mph at Mid-Ohio in my laydown F-125 running by myself. At Daytona, laydown F-125’s regularly run in the 145mph range.

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