Kart Stand

Sorry for posting some many topics this past month. Theres just a lot about this sport that I dont know and with the virus, I’ve been delayed getting out there to race. I do have a question. I bought a one man kart stand (folding stand with hooks on the back). I used it to test my engine and then put it on the ground to run it. Buy tilting it back and forth. It seems like I flooded the carb and took me a little while to get it running again. Are you supposed to drain gas completely before lifting it back and forth with a one man stand?

That doesn’t sound right. I used an electric one man stand and never had any issues with flooded carb.

I also use the same type of stand, haven’t had that problem. I’m also running a 4cycle with a float bowl carb. Has that happened consistently?

I’ve never experienced carburetor flooding due to tilting. If anything, fuel flow is governed by the pump, so why should nose down orientation cause fuel to flow “up” from the tank to the engine? If that were the case, the stands would be rather impractical. I’d hate to have to drain & refuel every time transporting to/from the paddock.

I suspect the float is sticking some how.

It’s only happened once. I just got it and since this virus hit, I havent been able to get it to the track. I got it up on the stand, oiled and gassed it up, and started it. It ran great. Tilted it onto the back bumper to get it off the stand to take it for a test drive. I took me almost 15,-20 minutes to get it started again. I just assumed it was because I flooded it. When it sitting flat for awhile, it’s pretty easy to start. I have put it back in the stand because I thought that I was flooding it.

Just to claify, when putting the kart on the stand, I have to tilt it straight up sitting on the back bumper. I had to put it up on the stand again last week so I could install the new header/exhaust to be able to run at GoPro. When I tilted it back, gas started flowing out of the air filter because I forgot to close the chock. I would like to find out if Im doing something wrong. Im hoping to figure this out before I start racing. If I cant, Im gonna have to figure out some other way to move the kart from the pits to the starting area. I dont really have the money of the room to haul an electric kart stand.

Difficult problem for the lone ?karter.
Two approaches as I see it.
First is to stop the fuel getting where it shouldn’t be.
A tap in the fuel line as near as posible to the carb. Empty the carb using the drain screw or run the carb empty of fuel before lifting kart off/ on to stand. Or remove air filter and let fuel run out on to floor, ( fire risk). ‘Rules’ may not allow fitting a tap ?
You might also wonder where the oil is going. Probably not a problem on a 206 but may well be on a Honda!
All a bit tedious!

The other approach is to do away with the stand and leave the kart on the floor where it belongs.
Modern karts don’t help but I managed for about 25 years without a stand. Mainly ‘informal’ racing/ practice.
You just have to work out whether you can organise things to get your kart to the grid on its own wheels or pretty much so.
Some form of detachable or attached 'jockey ’ wheel to raise the rear axle off the ground is a help, as is a parking spot near to the grid and harder tyres.
In the end you may just have to ‘bite the bullet’ , enlist some help and hope they don’t disappear at the critical moment.

It sounds like using a Stone Kart Stand or Similar. Unfortunately while good for 2-stroke karts and karts that I do not have actual float bowls. I am not sure they are good for Briggs. I did not go that way because of concern for both fuel leak and oil leak. I end up making my own hand crank stand.

If working from the ground instead more often I used have a steering wheel extension that made pushing through the pits nice. I will look at my kart and see what I would do if using your kind of stand. Hope I can think of something

Im thinking of taking the kart stand and only using it if I need to work on the kart. I bought a furniture dolly with a handle that I can use to move it from the track to the pits. Figure that might be my best bet.