Kart Suit sizes?

I would go with height over weight. I’d rather have a baggy suit than one that’s too short

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I would go with whichever results larger suit. Too tight or too short does not work when folding up in a kart seat

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Yes, sorry, that’s what I should have said. Go with whichever is the larger measurement. For me, it’s always been height over weight so I didn’t think about the other way around.

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Being a really tall guy, I was always more worried about being choked out by the collar when seated than zipping up the the front. Whatever your shape, make sure the your largest measurement is accommodated.

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I need some advice around the size. I match size 52 well i.e. I am in the lower half of the range, except I have a waist that is size 58. I think I’ll float in a size 58.

Besides a custom suit, or swimming in a size 58, any other options?


I have two suits, a Sparco X-Lite and an Alpine Stars KMX, both the same size (54).

The AS I find to be very baggy at the waist, the Sparco very fitted. My buddy has an OMP which seems to be somewhere in between. Point is different manufacturers fitting aren’t the same for a given size.

Waist difference between a 52 and a 58 is only 3 inches, I’d look at AS if I were you, in the very least you might find a 54 fits well whereas Sparco you’d have to go to 58.

Hope that makes sense.

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