Kart Suit sizes?


I’m 188cm high. I have bought a used Sparco kart suite in size XL, wich according to the size chart in the suite fits people between 185 and 192cm. But the problem is, that the suite is to short for me :frowning:
When looking for Suits, some use the medium, large , xl term. And other 54 56, 58 etc. So is there size difference between the number sizes and large/xl etc. ? If yes, would a size 58 fit me Better than size xl ?
Hope it make sence


Hi Brian,

Here’s the Sparco size chart. You can see in Euro they use the same numbered sizing system.

I find that I typically have to buy a suit based on the weight rather then a height. If I buy a suit just based on a my height its either too small on the waist and legs or to accommodate my big belly it ends up too short.

But with the proper chart, you can check all your measurements and pick a suit that fits.

It seems to me that some brands are “slimmer”. Alpinestars seemed to have a tailored look whereas Simpson seems fuller cut.

My problem is not waist, only length. And I find it od when it Days 185-192cm (xl size) and i’m 188cm.

So i bought a used Sparco size xxl as well. Now length is okay, but tooo much belly and waist. Thats why i’m thinking that those suites with “size numbers” insted, maybe would be more spot on ?

When I order suits I have to order mainly based off chest size. I have a larger upper body then have to go have it shortened at the legs. I know tall guys that had to order larger suits and have it taken in at the waist. Of also ordered based off a number and a letter system. They both are generally the same.

If you aren’t opposed to spending $ I got a custom one made which makes sizing bespoke. @NikG represents Torq which makes custom suits.

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Thanks guys… Are sparco and Alpinestars about the same in sizes/formfactor ??

Dom Callan… Thanks, but it`s sounds expensive. I´m from EU and new to the hobby

A custom suit is probably 550 usd ish. It’s frustrating that you can’t try stuff on. Initially I just bought close out sales and took what I got. As I have long torso and short legs, I eventually got tired of suits that fit either my height or my chest (but not both).

Hi Brian,

I don’t import Torq Racewear anymore (it was a second job and had another kid so didn’t have time) but @dcorcoran does now through his company Carbon Digital. I think they start at $425ish.

If you’re in the EU, then you can go direct to Torq Racewear (www.torq-racewear.com).

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If I really fall in love in to this hobby, maybe this would be the answer

Meanwhile look to sales bin. You can find nice suits for 100-250 usd on sale.

I’m tall like you(actually taller, 192cm). Not sure how much you weigh… I’m ~185lbs, so Im reasonably slim. And I carry more weight in my chest/shoulders than in my waist/hips. I tried the Sparco 58 and 60. The 58 was too short for me, especially in the groin area… super uncomfortable. The 60 was barely any longer than the 58 and I was absolutely swimming in it. I mean, it was huge on me. The 58 was pretty baggy as well, but I could get away with it.

Again, not sure on your weight… but getting a custom fit suit was one of the better investments I have made with respect to karting. Since then, Ive had a couple made from different manufacturers(ORG, MIR, etc). Yeah, it sucks paying an extra $200-250 on top of the new suit price… but if you’re tall, a custom fit suit is really what you need.

My first Sparco suit I ordered (2010) was for my height (182cm). I couldn’t get my leg in - my thighs were too wide. So it went back. I got the size larger. While I could get it on I was afraid to sit as it felt as it was on the edge of tearing around the crotch. So that went back (with me having to pay the return postage) and the sent out the larger size this was for someone 6’3"-6". This fitted but was a little loose around the waist but it had a velcro waist.

The next suite I got was the Sparco X-light series and I immediately got the larger size but this was a little baggy. Overall I have been disappointed as the stitching started fraying after a couple of washes.

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I’m 88kg. So also slim…

Sorry for reviving an older thread.
You may be able to have a suit tailored instead of ordering a complete one-off custom suit. I am 6’9 and weigh 225. I could not afford to go full custom, but found that K1 can tailor a suit to fit you better. They basically match your biggest measurement and then trim or add where needed. Total cost with shipping was $200. Not the best quality, but for the price its great. Had I started with the higher end suit they offered, might have come with a few more features.

My only suggestion would be to request stretch panels in the back otherwise it my be a little snug when you sit clam-shell in the kart and maybe a belt. Suit is now 3 years old and shows very little signs of wear.

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I ended Up with a alpinestar size 58

Not a problem, it’s one of those topics that people come back to, so it’s always good to have the info in one spot.

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I’m a bit confused when it comes to Kart suits. I recently saw a used K1 off eBay, size LG (58?).

I’m 5’11 and 215 lbs.

Seems like I am in the “inbetweener” sizes based on height v. weight. I’m looking for a used Kart suit on eBay.

Besides my alpinestar

I did order this for fun, custom made. I’m just a club driver. It fits perfect , and the quality is okay

5’11 205lbs here. Sparco X-Lite KS-7 fits me very well.