Kart Tracks in Eastern PA

Are there any good tracks in the Eastern Pennsylvania? The closest one I can find is Oakland Valley Raceway Park (OVRP), but thats still a solid 3 hours from Philadelphia.

New Jersey Motorsports Park is 1 hr from Philly. it is one of the better tracks in the country - top 10 or 15 for sure.

I don’t know if any tracks in eastern PA. Probably some dirt ovals though.

Other than that there is:

  1. Englishtown, NJ
  2. Sandy Hook, MD not too far from Havre de Grace
  3. BWI near Baltimore
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As Paul said, NJMP is your go-to (from Philly).

There’s a good indoor place in PA as well, I am pretty sure. The TKC folks do at least one race in PA and they only do V good tracks.

They have liberator for weekday owner kart practice and run the rentals on the upper track at NJMP. Its a great track and they have good rental karts now. The combined track that is run for series races (2 stroke) is really special, imho.

So the series info online is super confusing. What is the series, and when do they run? I see some state championship, and then there’s the F series but the info is not collected clearly any place I could find.

Does NJMP have KA or 206 karting? I just couldnt really find any solid info.

NJMP doesn’t really have any 206 and the ka is part of a small
100cc group at F-series. They have a smallish field if like 7-10 I think.

Ovrp however, has 100cx field and also a margay ignite spec seties.

I am not sure about a local series at NJMP.

The F Series has the State Championship and Gearup, both race at NJMP.

Gearup - one race at NJMP

The State Championship - many races at NJMP using different track configurations - Tempest (full track), Liberator, and Avenger.

Both have a 5-8 KAs. OVRP KA is not much bigger if at all.

The Stars Series is going to NJMP and there will probably be 30-40 KAs but mostly experienced drivers.

KA for whatever reason is still in its infancy in the northeast. You might do better buying a Rotax or X30. Used X30s are cheap now.