Kart trailer winch

Hey guys! I posted a pic of my kart trailer a while back. I got the expanded metal deck version with the idea that it would be lighter than the wood deck version. That may or may not be true, but one thing i learned was that the metal deck is not flat, and sags a bit, causing the kart frame on hang up on it. This got to be a real problem when i added 55lbs of lead to make race weight. I hurt my back! I learned about an $89 Harbor Freight winch (with wireless remote!) so i picked one up. Mounted it to the front of my trailer along with a motorcycle battery. (That was $160! But it’s quality) I realized that lifting the front of the trailer to make the deck even with the tailgate made a nice ramp. I added two bicycle kick stands to the rear of the trailer for support. The winch easily pulls the kart up and onto the trailer. Testing revealed that the flexy deck did not allow the kart to roll off easily, so i added some wood runners for the wheels to ride on and provide a solid flat, and an extra inch of height. A couple 2x4s to lay on the tailgate, and the kart rolls off and on easy as pie now! Saving my back. Properly balanced, I can lift the front of the trailer myself, but i have a drill-powered trailer jack coming this week.

I use the same winch in my trailer but to lift it up. I use a lawn tractor battery that works well but does need frequent recharging.

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